New! - Composite floors for intense traffic.  In USA, Japan and Western Europe is considered the floor of the XXI st century.


Founded in June 1994, SC A-MED SRL is a Romanian company with American capital, acting on the specialized market as distributor for the self-adhesive and composite floors.
From the beginning, our company was focused on finding the best solutions for floors, in order to satisfy the continuously growing needs of a market that developed explosively in the last years. So we’ve decided to come up with the best quality products, even if this was not the most profitable option, especially on the beginning.
The products we are offering can be grouped in 2 categories:

Self-adhesive floor tiles for medium and intense traffic


The two products belong to the “do-it-yourself” range and do not require specialists for assembling. Features such as impermeability, shiny aspect, easy maintenance, pleasant design, easy to assemble and last, but not least, the “warm floor” that results, have made this product one of the most demanded on the Romanian market. For these two types of products, A-MED SRL has obtained in Romania the Technical Agreement, no. 002/647-200, renewed by the Technical Agreement no. 020-04/102-2003.

Composite floor tiles for intense traffic

It’s a new product on the specialized market, manufactured with state-of-the-art technologies in mechanical structuring. This product has increased usage wear, it maintains the color and the aspect the entire life, the pattern is present in the entire tile mass and thickness, and the gloss and brightness can be renewed whenever necessary. These features are specific only for this type of floor.

In order to satisfy our clients’ orders as quickly as possible, A-MED LLC has developed a reseller’s network in more than 30 counties, also being present in 2 supermarket chains: Pracktiker and Bricostore. More than this, the company permanently has a significant stock of products in its Bucharest warehouses.

The experience and the expertise we gained in an area, in which the Romanian market is still at its beginning, allow us to offer the maximum assistance in solving the finishing issues.