New! - Composite floors for intense traffic.  In USA, Japan and Western Europe is considered the floor of the XXI st century.

Self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles for intense traffic (commercial use)

  • Dimensions: 305x305x2.5mm
  • Protective layer thickness: 0.3mm
  • 10.75 tiles / sq.m.
  • Composition: the plate thickness (2.5 mm) consists of three layers: one of pure vinyl, one of homogenous vinyl and the film that provides the pattern. This third layer is a transparent film that provides the lustre, hardness and the wear resilience for a long period.
  • The producer recommends these tiles for trade markets, hospitals, hotels, public institutions, warehouses, etc.
  • The tiles can be assembled on flat, dried, clean surfaces, without irregularities or asperities.
  • Advantages:
    • Low assembling costs, without requiring qualified personnel.
    • the tiles are easy to assemble and can be cut according to the space requirements (pipes, uneven walls, door frames, etc.); small losses of material
    • warm floor
    • easy to maintain
    • in case of damages, only the deteriorated tiles must be replaced; no need to replace the entire floor, like when using the classic linoleum
    • Various combinations can be achieved, with a pleasant design; a personal touch can be given by using logos or emblems
  • Disadvantages:
    • the tiles can not be assembled on heated floors
    • the asperities and the porosities can represent a small inconvenient, but this aspect can be corrected with an auxiliary material, without significantly increasing the price
  • The tiles are delivered from our warehouse. If not available in stock, the delivery will be based on a pre-order.
  • Packages of 25 tiles/box, meaning 2.32 sq.m./box
No. Specification U/M Determined value
1. Dimensional deviations
Width = length


2. Deviation from straight angle grades/mm 0,20
3. Residual notches mm 0,01
4. Flexibility at low temperatures
- longitudinal direction
- transversal direction

ther are no signs of breaking
5. Dimensional stability
(dimension changes)
% 0,5%
6. Shelf-adhesive strength kgf/piece 22,68
7. Detachment of the back paper - It doesn’t adhere
8. Resilience to domestic staines - Good for the liquids test (alcohol, coffee, tea)
9. Abrasive resilience Rubber sole rotations First flaws appear after 2000 rotations
10. Exposure to laboratory light (Xenon arc lamp) Grade 4 (on a scale from 1 to 7, slight modification)