New! - Composite floors for intense traffic.  In USA, Japan and Western Europe is considered the floor of the XXI st century.

Composite floor tiles for intense traffic

A-MED SRL Bucharest tries to offer you a new product from the range of intense traffic floors (commercial use): COMPOSITE FLOORS, which in USA, Japan and Western Europe is considered the floor of the XXI st century.

General features

  • high wear resilience
  • endurance
  • impact resilience
  • colour and aspect conservation through the entire floor’s duration, due to the homogeny structure of the texture within the plate thickness
  • the tiles are easy to assemble and can be cut according to the space requirements (pipes, uneven walls, door frames, etc.); small losses of material
  • it is a warm floor
  • easy maintenance, no need for special detergents or special care
  • the entire surface can be polished with an electrical machine in order to recapture or amplify the lustre
  • in case of damages, only the deteriorated tiles must be replaced; no need to replace the entire floor, like when using the classic linoleum
  • various combinations can be achieved, with a pleasant design; a personal touch can be given by using logos or emblems
  • special antibacterial properties due to impregnation with bacterium and mould resistant substance
  • a large variety of colours and patterns

Technical data

  • dimensions : 300 x 300 mm
  • thickness : 3,00 mm


  • polyvinyle chloride particles
  • plasticizers (thermoplastic resins) – confers flexibility and elasticity
  • stabilizers – confers the necessary resiliance to degradation caused by heat and light.
  • Pigments (dyes) – are added for achieving the entire range of colors and color combinations
  • Fillers (filling materials – ingredients) – clay, limestone (calcium carbonate), talc, quarts, silicon, antibacterial substances, which enhance vinyl`s durability.

Fitting and assembling

  • the composite tiles for intense traffic are assembled only in closed spaces, on smooth, dried and clean surfaces, without asperities or porosities
  • the composite tiles are assembled at the temperature of the room; the floor, the adhesive and all the other materials for the floor will be kept at a temperature of 18ºC - 29ºC with 48 hours before, during,  and 48 hours after the assembling.
  • the composite floors are stored only in interior, smooth and dried spaces, at 10ºC - 21ºC for a longer period
  • it is recommended to assemble the composite tiles on concrete, wood, metal, mosaic, ceramics and marble floors
  • the composite tiles should not be assembled in areas with excesive humidity or alkaline conditions
  • it is recommended to avoid the excesive use of chemical solvents (acetone, diluting agents, oil products) for cleaning and maintaining the surface
  • the composite tiles can not be assembled on heated floors.
  • The preparation of the surface on which the composite tiles will be assembled, the asperities and the porosities can represent a small inconvenient, but this aspect can be corrected with an auxiliary material, without significantly increasing the price
  • Packages 37 tiles/box/3,33 sq.m./box for the 3,00 thickness tiles.

Areas of use

offices, stores, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, warehouses, resturants, and any interior space with intense traffic